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July 1, 2015

Like many LGBTQ community supporters, attorney J. Conor Corcoran celebrated Friday’s Supreme Court decision that upholds marriage equality throughout the United States.

But proud as he is of the upcoming boom in gay matrimony, Corcoran knows that some of this wedded bliss will end in acrimony. That’s why he has launched a new division of his law practice, devoted entirely to LGBTQ divorce.

Corcoran, along with a network of affiliated attorneys throughout the United States, is prepared to handle any LGBTQ divorces that come his way. The staunch-Democrat and social liberal named his site in response to the homophobic taunts of the past when bigots would chant that God intended “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” is also now offering specials for straight couples that need to divorce because they believe the sanctity of their marriages have now been compromised.

Corcoran, his associates and wish every couple, gay or straight, a long and love-filled marriage.

But if you and your partner have decided you’re better off living apart, let J. Conor Corcoran help you.